Benefits of Sign Language

Lack Of Frustration & Tantrums: Frustration is reduced by your baby if they are able to communicate his/her needs to you.  This, obviously, leads to less frustration on the parents’ part as well, not having to play a guessing game with their baby.  The tantrums are reduced because there is a clear path of communication for the child to the parent.

Higher Self-Esteem:
Babies tend to have high self-esteems when they are secure in their environments.  Learning how to communicate prior to speech and you as a caregiver easily fulfills his/her needs, he/she will feel secure.  If a baby has no way to communicate their wants to you then it will take you longer to figure out what he/she wants which may make everyone a little frustrated in the meantime.

Larger Vocabulary: Signing babies tend to have larger vocabularies once they start talking because they’ve been able to use more advanced language and are often asked more elaborate questions because their comprehension is clear to the parent.

Stimulates Intellectual Development: Signing causes children to use the left side and right side of their brain. Thus increasing brain activity and learning ability. This also leads to a higher IQ.

Strengthens the Parent-Child Bond: 
When a baby and parent can communicate with each other, they feel more connected to one another. With signs, even very young children can "tell" their caregivers they would like some milk, they saw an airplane or they heard a dog barking. They can let their caregivers know whether they are happy, sad or even afraid.


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