About Sign & Read Classes

Sign and Read Classes are offered to parents with children from ages 0-3 years old. Using the officially Baby Signing Time curriculum, these classes  focus on parent-child interactions. Parents learn how they can nurture their child’s language, cognitive and social-emotional development through three key areas of communication: talking, reading and signing.

There are 2 sessions for the Sign & Read Classes and each session consists of 6 classes (30 minutes each class). The cost of each session includes the all classroom materials and a CD of all music used during class. 

Sample words for signs taught in Session 1 - milk, hungry, more, mommy, potty, hurt, toy, dog

Sample words for signs taught in Session 2 - play, hot, cold, grass, moon, game, apple, carrots

One-on-one sessions are available. To register for a class, please to contact us.

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